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Welcome to Sparkd Studios

Let us be the first to say, welcome to Sparkd Studios. As you may know, we are selective in our process, and we are proud to back your name up with ours and help your growth

Now that you are here, we wanted to put together some brief information that might help you get settled with us and answer some common questions.

Let’s get started.


You know this one like the palm of your hand. Every time an event or assignment gets assigned to you, a Sparkd Representative will contact you with all final details: working hours, delivery instructions, payment and all other important information. You will always be able to accept or decline the assignment.

Featured Work

Part of our promotional work includes highlighting our talent, you. You will often see blogs featuring your work (new website addition to 2019!) or social posts with events you might have covered on our social media with proper accreditation to your work. We want to promote you as much as we can.

Freelancing / Contracts

Our priority is to match the appropriate talent with the right job. Taking assignments from other brands is totally allowed! We wanna help manage opportunities, not restrict them. We operate under non-compete clauses: Your clients are yours, our clients are ours.

Running Promotions

With Twitter

Receive a mark up of 10% on your first assignment or recieve $10 by promoting that you are part of our community of shooters in your Twitter bio! E.g. “Photography @SparkdStudiosLA”

Refer others

Receive $20 for every talented peer you refer to us that gets accepted. Have them put your name in their applications under “Referred by”.


Receive a 10% commission on all creative services you refer to us from other clients you can’t take. E.g. Designs, VFX, Motion Graphics, etc.
Join us on Discord or email candela@sparkdstudios.com
We really are stoked to have you join our community.

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