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Paving the way

“Sparkd Studios has paved the way for myself and so many others to have an infinite amount of work in esports. Candela specifically, discovers and makes possible countless of opportunities to work in countries I’ve always dreamed of going to. From securing the client to pushing out the best contracts for talent and client, Sparkd makes sure you are covered so that you can focus on getting the best possible content.”

Hannah Smith, Esports Photographer

Best in business

“In an industry that’s often unprofessional and constantly referred to as the Wild West, SPARKD has consistently showed up for my company. They are easy to work, extremely professional & always producing top notch final products. Whether it’s last minute headshots, a full event coverage, or a badass video edit, I rely on SPARKD as the best in business.”

Trey Christensen, Director of Esports, Dallas Mavs.


Production Talent Management, 65
Creative Services, 55
Partnerships, 35

We are a creative production agency based in LA who specialize in Esports production, catalogue representation for production creatives, and creative services to support entertainment brands.