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We covered the first Esports tournament at the Thunder Gaming Esports Arena in Los Angeles: ThunderSmash 20k

Event & Production Credits

Producer: Candela Rebot, Sparkd Studios
1st Camera Operator: Steven Henao, Sparkd Studios
2nd Camera Operator:  Joshua Miller
Photographer: Chris Betancourt, Sparkd Studios
Media Day DOP: Cody Dingfield, Sparkd Studios
Media Day BTS:   Chris Westlund
Tournament Director: Rolando Nichols

Event Coverage

 ThunderSmash Los Angeles for Smash.gg Casters
 LarryLurr at ThunderSmash May 2019 in Los Angeles, CA
 ThunderSmash May 2019 LA
 ESAM at ThunderSmash May 2019
 ThunderSmash by Chris Bet, Sparkd Studios
 MVD in game
 DabuzSenpai at ThunderSmash May 2019
 ThunderSmash 2019 Finals with HBOX from Team Liquid
 ESAM at ThunderSmash 2019
 DabuzSenpai wins ThunderSmash May 2019
 ThunderSmash 2019
 ThunderSmash by Sparkd Studios
 CinnPie at ThunderSmash 2019 May, Los Angeles
 MVD hugs DabuzSenpai at ThunderSmash May 2019, LA
 VikkiKitty and Cinnpie at ThunderSmash LA May 2019
 ThunderSmash 2019, Los Angeles
 Casters desk
 VikkiKitty at ThunderSmash May 2019, Los Angeles
 Commentators at ThunderSmash 2019