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XSET Gaming, The Future Is Set

XSET means excellence and inclusion. Meet the team ready to push the values of diversity and entertainment.

“XSET is born, the future is set” – This is the announcement campaign for the launch of XSET gaming, a multi-city remotely directed project with 17+ creatives in 10 cities. We are humbled and proud to be serving this diverse and experienced  collective of industry veterans, who’s vision is to create a diverse and purpose-driven new type of gaming organization. #REPTHESET

Client:  XSET Gaming
Producer & Director:  Steven Henao, Sparkd Studios
Co-Producer:  Candela Rebot, Sparkd Studios
DOP & Editing:  Anthony Canello, Sparkd Studios
Photography Producer:  Chris Bet, Sparkd Studios
VFX:  Steven Henao, Sparkd Studios

Los Angeles, CA:  Anthony Canello (DOP) & Chris Bet (Photo)
Brooklyn, NY:  Corey Florin (Video) & William Perez (Photo)
Miami, FL:   Paul Carraba (Video & Photo)
Detroit, MI:   Gene Wilson (Video) &  Casey Danee (Photo)
Kansas City, MO:  Hike Kavookjian (Video) & Kelby Reck (Photo)
San Diego, CA: Anthony Canello (DOP) & Martin Garcia (Photo)
Atlanta, GA:  Bruke Wade (Video) & Sam Panasyuk (Photo)
Grand Rapids, MI:  Aaron McGrane (Video) & C. Sobieck (Photo)


Behind The Scenes