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What is Sparkd Studios?

Fair enough. We do a lot of things, but primarily, we are a production studio based in Los Angeles, California, who has also expanded into representing talent across the world. The reason was simple: Our work has been growing and turning some heads, and talented individuals have reached out to work with us. We are picky, nonetheless, and we strike to represent only the best in business. Currently focusing on servicing the Esport industry, but we cater to all industries.

How do I become part of Sparkd’s represented network of talent?

Easy! All candidates 18+ around the world are welcome to apply for an assessment. We start by reviewing your portfolio skillset and classifying your talent internally, then (pending approval of your application) we chat business and draft up and agreement that provides you with the best opportunities we have available for you. If you are interested in being represented by Sparkd, start by filling out this application.

Do I have to quit my job or turn down offers if Sparkd Studios represents me?

Absolutely not! Sparkd is not here to compete with your current or future job offers. Quite the opposite, we are here to help you find them! Sometimes we offer gigs (Events or short term projects) but others we offer long-term opportunities. Representing Sparkd in everything you do is only a matter of pride for us. If you are already a talent in our network, we already think of your potential and want nothing but amazing things building up in your future with our help.

Do I have to pay Sparkd Studios to represent me?

No! Our profits don’t come from your pocket, Sparkd Studios will never ask a penny from you. We do, however, profit with clients from connecting you with job opportunities and building your network.

I’ve been denied, How do I change that?

If we haven’t accepted you, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to work with you. It probably means you’re portfolio needs some work! But we are happy to nurture sometime with you and tell you how to improve or what we are looking for. Don’t stop trying! Some falls are necessary to rise. Get it fam!